Wednesday, August 10, 2011

13C (13 Amp & Created 619) - "Hate Music" [2011] [Mixtape]

 The wait is over...


01 Welcome 2 Hate [Prod. By ALLROUNDA Productions]
02 It's Our Decade [Prod. By TELLINGBEATZZ]
03 Don't Get Played On [Prod. By Street Poetry Productions]
04 Major League Spittin [Prod. By Universe]
05 Don't Rap 2011 [Prod. By Shadowville Productions]
06 Get Well Soon [Prod. By Life & Death Productions]
07 Full Time (Feat. Bazooka Joe) [Prod. By Life & Death Productions]
08 Sayin' Names [Prod. By EAR 2 THA BEAT]
09 More Human Than Human Freestyle [13 Amp]
10 Hate Music 2011 [Prod. By Universe]
11 Slow Down Freestyle [Created 619]
12 Leavin' Today [Prod. By The Music Majors]
13 Got You (Feat. Reckless) [Prod. By VTZ]
14 Follow Me (Feat. MarkmyWords) [Prod. By Anno Domini Records]
15 Put The Mic Down [Prod. By Anno Domini Records]
16 Outro *Plus Bonus Tracks*

13 Amp - Picked Your Destiny [Prod. By Sean Devine] *2010*
Created 619 - Start Over (Feat. Raw Talent) [Prod. By Epic The Dawn] *2009*

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ras Kass - "Endangered Lyricist Vol. 3" [Mixtape] [2011]

New Ras.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Created 619 - "Cross-Fire EP Vol. 2: PrAGGRESSION" [FreEP] [2011] [Individual Links]

In case you only wanted certain tracks...

02 No Joke [Prod. By Vherbal of Anno Domini Records]

03 Charlie Sheen (Feat. P-West) [Prod. By Life & Death Productions]

04 BARtillery [Prod. By Royal Audio Tunes]

05 Split Personality [Prod. By ALLAROUNDA Productions]

06 By My Side (Feat. AWal) [Prod. By TELLINGBEATZZ]

07 Outro/Put The Mic Down (Feat. 13 Amp) [Prod. By Anno Domini Records]

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Created 619 - "Cross-Fire EP Vol. 2" [FreEP] [2011]


01 Intro (To PrAGGRESSION) [Prod. By Ear 2 Tha Beat]
02 No Joke [Prod. By Vherbal of Anno Domini Records]
03 Charlie Sheen (Feat. P-West) [Prod. By Life & Death Productions]
04 BARtillery [Prod. By Royal Audio Tunes]
05 Split Personality [Prod. By ALLAROUNDA Productions]
06 By My Side (Feat. AWal) [Prod. By TELLINGBEATZZ]
07 Outro/Put The Mic Down (Feat. 13 Amp) [Prod. By Anno Domini Records]

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Horse Shoe G.A.N.G. - "Firing Squad" [Retail] [2011]

 The debut, retail album from Horse Shoe G.A.N.G.! If you don't know who they are, too bad. Honestly don't even download this, you're not worthy! If you do know who they are, buy this album if you enjoy it.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Created 619 - "Cross-Fire Vol. 1: 23 WASTED Years" [FreEP] [2011] [INDIVIDUAL LINKS]

In case you don't know how to open .rar files, here's links to all the tracks (minus the intro), so you can stream the cuts before downloading them. Props to DJ Knuckles on the (alternate) cover above. Much love to all who support me in my quest to the top. Enjoy.

02 I Take Time [Prod. By Ear To The Beat]

03 Better Than You (Feat. BFowla) [Prod. By OP Beats]

04 Do Something Illegal [Prod. By SmokedOut Music]

05 Follow Me (Feat. MarkMyWords) [Prod. By Anno Domini Records]

06 My Friends [Prod. By Evelution Beats]

07 Alex Cordova (R.I.P.) [Prod. By Ear To The Beat]

Created 619 - "Cross-Fire Vol. 1: 23 WASTED Years" [FreEP] [2011]

Best work I've done EVER. I know my hip-hop and anybody else who does will enjoy this album. I put my heart into this project. Hope you have as much bangin this as I had making it. Vol. 2 will be out sometime around a month or so. Enjoy!


01 Introduction (To Cross-Fire & Myself) [Prod. By Don Coda]
02 I Take Time [Prod. By Ear To The Beat]
03 Better Than You (Feat. BFowla) [Prod. By OP Beats]
04 Do Something Illegal [Prod. By SmokedOut Music]
05 Follow Me (Feat. MarkMyWords) [Prod. By Anno Domini Records]
06 My Friends [Prod. By Evelution Beats]
07 Alex Cordova (R.I.P.) [Prod. By Ear To The Beat]

ALSO... Props to all the producers and DJ Knuckles for the Artwork!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The ILLZ – ":03 From Gold" [2011] [FreEP]

New free music from The ILLZ!

Dom Kennedy – "The Original Dom Kennedy" [Mixtape] [2011]

 New mixtape from Dom Kennedy. Free Dom K music is always good.

Travis Barker - "Give The Drummer Some" [2011] [Deluxe Edition] [Retail]

This is worth the buy for the features alone! So download this here, but if you like it, spend the 12 bucks! This is FIRE!

01 Can A Drummer Get Some? 03:22
(Feat. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz & Game)
02 If You Want to (Feat. Pharrell, Lupe Fiasco) 03:53
03 Carry it (Feat. RZA, Raekwon & Tom Morello) 03:57
04 Knockin (Feat. Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, E-40 & Dev) 04:01
05 Jump Down (Feat. the Cool Kids) 03:08
06 Devil's Got A Hold of Me (Feat. Slaughterhouse) 05:53
07 Let's Go (Feat. Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes & Lil Jon) 03:13
08 Saturday Night (Feat. the Transplants & Slash) 03:24
09 Cool Head (Feat. Kid Cudi) 04:40
10 Raw Shit (Feat. Tech N9ne & Bun B) 03:20
11 Just Chill (Feat. Beanie Sigel, Bun B & Kobe) 03:29
12 Beat Goes on (Feat. Cypress Hill) 04:20
13 On My Own (Feat. Corey Taylor) (Bonus Track) 03:45
14 Don't Fuck With Me (Feat. Paul Wall, Jay Rock & Kurupt) (Bonus Track) 04:22
15 City of Dreams (Feat. Clipse & Kobe) (Bonus Track) 04:47
16 Misfits (Feat. Steve Aoki) (Bonus Track) 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rittz - "White Jesus" [Mixtape] [2011]

New cat from Georgia. He dropped a track with Yelawolf a little while back, now he has a new mixtape, and the entire thing is executive produced by Yelawolf as well.


01 White Jesus (prod. J-Plymp)
02 Crazy (prod. Supa Hot Beats)
03 High Five (prod. DJ Burn One)
04 Fulla Shit f. Big K.R.I.T & Yelawolf (prod. DJ Burn One)
05 Blowin My Mind (prod. DJ Burn One)
06 Nowhere to Run (prod. DJ Burn One)
07 Rattle Back (prod. J-Plymp)
08 Sleep at Night (prod. Skapezilla)
09 Sextacy (prod. DJ Burn One)
10 Dixxxie Cup (prod. Supa Hot Beats)
11 No Friends f. Shawty Fatt (prod. DJ Burn One)
12 Pie f. 8Ball (prod. DJ Burn One)

Neako - "LOUDpack2: Highlights" [2011] [Mixtape]

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Juice - "American Me 2: The Progression" [Mixtape]

New one from Juice. Not too impressive, but it's only Juice (not to be confused with the freestyle champ, M.C. Juice).

01 My Open Letter
02 Born 2 Die f. Mysonne
03 Dats a Bad Mothafucka f. Torch
04 Bustin’ It Down
05 Man In the Mirror f. K-Young
06 Merlot f. Rain
07 Rain On Me
08 On My Way to the Money f. Judge
09 Thank A Hater
10 Live at 5 f. Killa Kyleon
11 Life Is Cold f. Ryan K
12 100
13 Do Right By Me f. Hannibal Leo

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reks - "Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme" [Mixtape] [2011]

The new one from Reks!


01 25th Hour
02 Thin Line
03 Limelight
04 Kill Em
05 This Or That
06 Why Cry Feat. Styles P
07 Face Off Feat. Termanology
08 The Wonders Years
09 This Is Me Feat. DJ Corbet
10 Mr. Nobody
11 The Underdog
12 U Know Feat. Freeway
13 Cigarettes Feat. Lil Fame and Atticabarz
14 Mascara (The Ugly Truth)
15 Like A Star
16 Self Titled (Bonus)

Emilio Rojas - " Life Without Shame" [Mixtape] [2011]

Original came out late 2010, this one's tagless though, which makes ALL the difference. Props to Hiphopaddixxx.

01. To the Fullest (ft. Jaiden The Cure) [prod. CKP]
02. Life Without Shame (ft. Tennille) [prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]
03. So Alive [prod. S-Type]
04. Champion (ft. Laura Reed & Voodoo) [prod. Illmind]
05. Tell No Lies (ft. B.o.B. & Leo) [prod. DJ Green Lantern & V12 The Hitman]
06. Close to Me [prod. Midnite]
07. Look at Me Now (ft. Dion Primo & Ashanti “The Mad Violinist”) [prod. M-Phazes]
08. Right to Stay [prod. Needlz]
09. All Mixed Up [prod. Dante Ross]
10. Ex Girl (ft. Mickey Factz)
11. About No One [prod. Mental Instruments]
12. Turn It Up (ft. Yelawolf) [prod. DJ Green Lantern]
13. FTW (ft. Mike Bigga aka Killer Mike) [prod. DJ Static]
14. Hold You Down Remix - Laws (ft. Emilio Rojas & Big K.R.I.T.) [prod. DJ Khalil]

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chip Tha Ripper - "Gift Raps" [2011] [FreEP]

New FreEP from Chip Tha Ripper. BTW... If you haven't noticed I only post mixtapes and albums on this blog now. To get updated on new videos, music, info etc, add my facebook (link on the right side of the page). Enjoy.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Logics - "Problematic" [FreEP] [2011]

This guy's pretty new to me so he's probably new to a lot of you. If so, give him a chance, he's pretty good.

Strong Arm Steady - "Arms & Hammers" [2011] [Retail]

Buy this when it drops next week. Until then, enjoy the leak. Oh and by the way, Mitchy Slick is all over this one (unlike the last one). 619 stand up!

1. Had Enough (Prod. by Blaqthoven)
2. Make Me Feel feat. Jelly Roll (Prod. by Jelly Roll) 
3. Klack or Get Klacked (Prod. by DJ Khalil)
4. Gangsta’s ft. Kobe (Prod. by DJ Khalil)
5. Can’t Let It Go ft. Blaqthoven (Prod. by Blaqthoven)
6. All the Brothers ft. Chace Infinite, Talib Kweli, KRS-One & Planet Asia (Prod. by Nottz)
7. Blow My Horn feat. Kurupt (Prod. by Terrace Martin)
8. Trunk Music feat. Game (Prod. by Lamar of 1500 or Nuthin)
9. Much More (Prod. by Jelly Roll)
10. On Point feat. Too Short (Prod. by Terrace Martin) 
11. Chiba Chiba Pt.2 (Prod. by Madlib)
12. When Darkness Falls feat. Marsha Ambrosius (Prod. by DJ Khalil)

DC The Midi Alien - "Avengers Airwaves" [2011] [320 KBPS] [Retail]

Good album. Enjoy.


01 Rushmore Tune-Up (Intro)
02 National Threat ft. East Coast Avengers
03 Man Made Ways ft. Slaine, Tha Trademarc, Vinnie Paz & Sabac Red
04 Ain't Shit Changed ft. Outerspace
05 Another Hundred Days In ft. Tha Trademarc
06. Revolutionary Theme Music ft. Esoteric, Main Flow & King Magnetic
07 The Spirit, Pt. 2 ft. Champs vs. The League & Tha Trademarc
08 Dispossable Heroes ft. Nabo Rawk & Apeshit
09. Pawns and Rooks ft. Blaq Poet, Esoteric & Akir
10 World Wounds ft. Sabac Red, Tha Trademarc, Ishiek & Revolution of the Mind
11 Riot Gear ft. Tha Trademarc, Termanology, Singapore Kane & Big Shug
12 The Right to Remain Violent ft. East Coast Avengers & Reef the Lost Cauze
13 Technology Takeover ft. Granite State
14 Soldiers/Survivors ft. Esoteric, Boycott Blues & Godilla
15 Ride for a Cause ft. Reef the Lost Cauze, Doap Nixon, Blacastan & Reks
16 Artists in a Time of War ft. Tha Trademarc
17 Recession ft. Jon Hope & LB
18 Birth of a Nation ft. Reks
19 False Prophets (Digital Exclusive)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told [2011] [Retail]

The new one from Saigon, and one of the best albums of 2011. So far Joell Ortiz's "Free Agent" is the only other album that competes in my opinion.


1. Station Identification (Intro) Feat Fatman Scoop Produced By Just Blaze
2. The Invita Saigon Feat Q Tip And Fatman Scoop (B. Carenard Nogias Music BMI) Produced by Just Blaze
3. Come On Baby feat Swizz Beatz and Jay Z (B. Carenard, K. Dean. S. Carter J. Smith) Produced by Just Blaze
4. War (B. Carenard M. Shemer) Produced by Scram Jones
5. Enemies (B. Carenard D. Allen) Produced by D. Allen
6. Friends (B. Carenard J.Smith) Produced by Just Blaze
7. The Greatest story Never Told (B.Carenard J.Smith) Produced by Just Blaze
8. Clap feat. Faith Evans (B. Carenrd F. Evans. J. Smith) Produced by Just Blaze
9. Preacher (B.Carenard J.Smith) Produced by Just Blaze
10. It’s Alright feat. Marsha Ambrosios (B. Carenard M.Ambrosios J.Smith K.West) Produced by Kanye West
11. Believe It (B.Carenard J.Smith) Produced by Just Blaze
12. Give It To Me Feat Raheem DeVaughn (B.Carenard R. DeVaughn) Produced by SC
13. What The Lovers Do feat Devin The Dude (B.Carenard) Produced by Red Spyda
14. Better Way feat Layzie Bone (B. Carenard) Produced by Just Blaze
15. Oh Yeah (Our Babies) (B. Carenard) Produced by Buckwild
16. Bring Me Down (B.Carenard D. Corbett) Produced by D.J. Corbett

Friday, February 4, 2011

U.S.D.A. - "C.T.E. Or Nothing" [Mixtape] [2011]

The new mixtape from Jeezy and his boys.


01. Go Dumb (Prod by Don Cannon)
02. Straight Drop (Prod by The Olympicks)
03. Off Safety (Prod by Cardiak)
04. Look At The Club (Prod by D Rich)
05. Count It Up (Prod by Midnight Black)
06. Where The Panties At (Prod by The Olympicks)
07. Turned Out (Prod by Lex Luger)
08. I Mean It (Prod by Midnight Black)
09. F*ck That Money Up
10. Zoning (Prod by Lex Luger)
11. The Lick (Prod by Drumma Boy)
12. CTE Or Nothing (Prod by Djay Cas)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Slaughterhouse - "Slaughterhouse EP" [2011] [Retail]

The new one from one of the best groups in the industry.

1. Back On The Scene (Feat. Dres)

2. Sun Doobie
3. Everybody Down
4. Put Some Money On It [Remix] (Feat. The Lox)
5. Fight Club [Remix] 
6. Move On [Remix] (Feat. Iffy)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Game - "Purp & Patrone: The Hangover" [Mixtape] [2011]

Sequel to Games "Purp & Patrone" mixtape from a week ago.

01. The Hangover (Prod. By Mars of 1500 Or Nuthin')
02. California
03. Yung Stunna Feat. Birdman
04. Violin
05. Sex
06. White Soft Porn Feat. Mars (Prod. By Marz & Renz 1500 Or Nuthin')
07. Get Familiar Feat. Timbaland (Prod. By Timbaland)
08. Lost
09. I'm Home Feat. Kurupt
10. This Way Feat. JoiStaRR (Prod. By Mars of 1500 Or Nuthin')
11. 3D Feat. David Banner (Prod. By Mars of 1500 Or Nuthin')
12. Drama Feat. Ghostface & Joell Ortiz (Prod. By Sean C and LV for Grind Music)
13. Lovebirds
14. Philly (Mega Mix) (Young Chris Feat. Eve, Black Thought, Money Malc, Fat Joe, Fred the Godson, Diggy Simmons & Jermaine Dupri)
15. Undefeated Feat. Busta Rhymes & Marsha Ambrosius

Monday, January 24, 2011

Game - "Purp & Patrone" [Mixtape] [2011]

Disc 1:
1. L.A. Times (Produced by Ervin “EP” Pope)
2. In My ’64 feat. Pharrell & Snoop Dogg (Produced by The Neptunes)
3. Soo Woo feat. Lil Wayne (Produced by Bink!)
4. Living Better Now feat. Detail & Tools (Produced by DJ Shake)
5. R.I.P. Story (Produced by Nottz)
6. Purp Patron feat. Sam Hook, Menace & TD (Produced by DJ Shake)
7. I’m The King Remix feat. Mistah F.A.B. & The Jacka (Produced by 1500 Or Nuthin’)
8. Taylor Made feat. Wiz Khalifa (Produced by Che Vicious)
9. Children’s Story (Produced by Ervin “EP” Pope)
10. Dead (Produced by 1500 Or Nothin’)
11. Ferrari Lifestyle feat. Fabolous (Produced by D.A Dorman)
12. The Kill (Produced by Cool & Dre)
13. Heart Breaker feat. Rev Burke (Produced by The RZA)
14. Purp & Yellow SKEETOX feat. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa

Disc 2:
15. Burn NY feat. Mysonne (Produced by Mike City)
16. Bad Intentions (Produced by DJ Shake)
17. Khaki Suit feat. T-Pain (Produced by T-Pain)
18. Wonderful World (Produced by DJ Shake)
19. Ashed To Ashes feat. Rick Ross
20. Dedicated feat. Pharrell (Produced by The Neptunes)
21. Soft Rhodes feat. Ashanti (Produced by Dr. Dre)
22. I Just Want To Fuck (Produced by Denaun Porter)
23. 187 feat. Lil Boosie
24. Whip It feat. Fabolous (Produced by DJ Haze)
25. Clinton Sparks feat. Jim Jones, Bun B & Game – Favorite DJ Remix (Produced by Green Lantern)
26. Supastar feat. Ashley Cole & Mike Epps (Produced by Ervin “EP” Pope)
27. Travis Barker feat. Swizz Beatz, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & Game – Can A Drummer Get Some? (Produced by Travis Barker)
28. History feat. Doug E. Fresh, Big Daddy Kane & KRS One (Produced by Ervin “EP” Pope)
29. The Ocean feat. Dr. Dre (Produced by Dr. Dre & Che Vicious)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Freeway & Statik Selektah - "The Statik-Free EP" [2011]

The new one from Statik & Freeway. A lot of dope features on this one.


1. Back At It
2. The Flow
3. P.A. (Feat. Mac Miller)
4. Im In The Hood (Feat. Reek Da Villain)
5. From The Street (Feat. Lil Fame & Termonalogy)
6. And It Dont Quit (Feat. Jack Frost & Tek)
7. All Kinds Of Em (Feat. The Jacka & Husalah)

Horse Shoe Gang - "Opening Round EP" [2011] [Retail]

I don't do this much anymore, but this is a very dope album. Buy this when it drops if you like it. Support C.O.B.!


1. Ready, Aim, Fire!
2. Firing Squad
3. Gots To Get Money (Feat. K-Young)
4. Mad Niggerish
5. Paper Planes (Feat. Crooked I)
6. Click Pow

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rich Hil - "Limostra Nostra Act 2" [Mixtape] [2011]

Rich posted via Facebook, that he would release this today to anybody who sent him a cover (me being one). Well, didn't use my cover, but here's the new mixtape!


1. Strung Out
2. Baby Pt.2
3. I Been Ill
4. Let It Go Ma
5. Out Of Nothin’
6. Roses
7. Street Wicha
8. Ain’t Nothin
9. Blood All Over Me
10. Into Sumthin’
11. Our Love
12. Pankcakes
13. Stop It 5
14. The Planes

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