Monday, March 14, 2011

Created 619 - "Cross-Fire Vol. 1: 23 WASTED Years" [FreEP] [2011]

Best work I've done EVER. I know my hip-hop and anybody else who does will enjoy this album. I put my heart into this project. Hope you have as much bangin this as I had making it. Vol. 2 will be out sometime around a month or so. Enjoy!


01 Introduction (To Cross-Fire & Myself) [Prod. By Don Coda]
02 I Take Time [Prod. By Ear To The Beat]
03 Better Than You (Feat. BFowla) [Prod. By OP Beats]
04 Do Something Illegal [Prod. By SmokedOut Music]
05 Follow Me (Feat. MarkMyWords) [Prod. By Anno Domini Records]
06 My Friends [Prod. By Evelution Beats]
07 Alex Cordova (R.I.P.) [Prod. By Ear To The Beat]

ALSO... Props to all the producers and DJ Knuckles for the Artwork!

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  1. This EP's on point man. Great word play and punchlines. i can relate to you words man i did the same shit.