Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DC The Midi Alien - "Avengers Airwaves" [2011] [320 KBPS] [Retail]

Good album. Enjoy.


01 Rushmore Tune-Up (Intro)
02 National Threat ft. East Coast Avengers
03 Man Made Ways ft. Slaine, Tha Trademarc, Vinnie Paz & Sabac Red
04 Ain't Shit Changed ft. Outerspace
05 Another Hundred Days In ft. Tha Trademarc
06. Revolutionary Theme Music ft. Esoteric, Main Flow & King Magnetic
07 The Spirit, Pt. 2 ft. Champs vs. The League & Tha Trademarc
08 Dispossable Heroes ft. Nabo Rawk & Apeshit
09. Pawns and Rooks ft. Blaq Poet, Esoteric & Akir
10 World Wounds ft. Sabac Red, Tha Trademarc, Ishiek & Revolution of the Mind
11 Riot Gear ft. Tha Trademarc, Termanology, Singapore Kane & Big Shug
12 The Right to Remain Violent ft. East Coast Avengers & Reef the Lost Cauze
13 Technology Takeover ft. Granite State
14 Soldiers/Survivors ft. Esoteric, Boycott Blues & Godilla
15 Ride for a Cause ft. Reef the Lost Cauze, Doap Nixon, Blacastan & Reks
16 Artists in a Time of War ft. Tha Trademarc
17 Recession ft. Jon Hope & LB
18 Birth of a Nation ft. Reks
19 False Prophets (Digital Exclusive)

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