Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snowgoons - "Kraftwerk" [2010] [Retail]

Props to Straight Outta DK for the link.

01. Snowgoons - Snowgoons Dynasty (feat. Freestyle [Arsonists]) (Produced By: Snowgoons)
02. Snowgoons - The Uncrushables (feat. ILL Bill, Sicknature & Sabac Red) (Produced By: Snowgoons; Sicknature)
03. Snowgoons - Put Em Up (feat. N.B.S. & Slaine) (Produced By: Sicknature; Snowgoons)
04. Snowgoons - Cant Go On like That (feat. Torae & Skyzoo) (Produced By: Snowgoons)
05. Snowgoons - Dangerous Ways (feat. The Closers [Red Eye & Shabaam Sahdeeq] & Bekay) (Produced By: Snowgoons)
06. Snowgoons - Who’s Side (feat. Side Effect) (Produced By: Snowgoons)
07. Snowgoons - We Nah Play (feat. Banish, Crooked I & Beenie Man) (Produced By: Snowgoons; Sicknature)
08. Snowgoons - Warlords (feat. UG [of Cella Dwellas], IDE & Alucard [of Creative Juices] & Jise & Freestyle [of Arsonists]) (Produced By: Sicknature)
09. Snowgoons - Road Warriors (feat. Sadat X, Fel Sweetenberg & Punchline) (Produced By: Snowgoons)
10. Snowgoons - Three Bullets (feat. Esoteric, Mykill Miers & Qualm [Savage Brothers]) (Produced By: Sicknature)
11. Snowgoons - The Real and The Raw (feat. M-Dot & Jaysaun) (Produced By: Snowgoons)
12. Snowgoons - No Favors (feat. Wise P [The Ranjahz] & Sauce Money) (Produced By: Snowgoons)
13. Snowgoons - The Madness Begins (feat. Outerspace & Banish) (Produced By: Snowgoons)
14. Snowgoons - Statue (feat. Virtuoso) (Produced By: Sicknature)
15. Snowgoons - The Beast (feat. Lateb) (Produced By: Snowgoons)
16. Snowgoons - Big Bang Bomb (feat. Lady Repo) (Produced By: Snowgoons)
17. Snowgoons - Rotten Apple (Feat. Ice Water, A.G. [D.I.T.C.], Nutso & Tre Seven) (Produced By: Snowgoons)
18. Snowgoons - Global Domination (feat. Lord Lhus, Sean Strange, Sicknature & Psych Ward) (Produced By: Snowgoons)
19. Snowgoons - Cold Dayz (feat. FT [Fuc That], Lord Willin & Reef The Lost Cauze) (Produced By: Snowgoons)

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